Spring turkey season Our flourishing wild turkey populations are on full display during the spring, which is turkey breeding season. Step into the woods and you may be serenaded by the sounds of male turkeys gobbling to attract females. You might even catch a glimpse of their showy courtship displays which include strutting, tail fanning and puffing out their feathers. Effective science-based management practices conducted by our Wild Turkey Management Program allow for sustainable spring hunting opportunities statewide on both private and public lands. Learn more: http://bit.ly/2HQjRgo The Osceola turkey, or Florida turkey, lives only in the Florida peninsula and is one of two turkey subspecies found in Florida. Learn more about Florida’s wild turkeys: http://bit.ly/2fIHyso 2018 Florida Spring Turkey Guide: http://bit.ly/2q6R26e FWC video

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